July 30, 2014


So I have been slumming it the past couple of days at the studio shooting Holiday 14 for Vans.  There is really nothing wrong sporting some sweat shorts on the job.  Why interfere with comfort?  Now I realized that I should have been doing this from the get go.

July 16, 2014


Here is the staple in your closet, the black sweatshirt.  These are my favorite picks from the recent drops featuring a little mix of everything.

(Starting in the top left going clockwise)
1. Vans Choice Threads Pullover Hoodie - $50
Buy it: http://www.vans.com/shop/mens-clothes-fleece-hoodies-sweatshirts/choice-threads-pullover-hoodie-black

2. Rook Flag Hooded Fleece - $64
Buy it: http://rookbrand.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/rook-flag-hood#.U8c7U-02H1o

3. Saturdays Surf NYC Bowery Circle Square - $98
Buy it: http://www.saturdaysnyc.com/item/bowery-circle-square

4. 10 Deep Waterside Lightweight Hoody - $79
Buy it: http://10deep.com/store/waterside-lightweight-hoody

by D

July 3, 2014

SHORTS: Society Original Products East Flag Trunk Shorts - $60

This should have been posted a week ago so anyone could place an order and get them for tomorrow.  Not to worry, you can buy it now and hold it for next year because it will still be dope.  The fellas over at Society definitely know how to put together a proper short.

Buy it: http://shop.societysop.com/East-Flag-Trunk-Shorts_p_556.html

Society Original Products - 2014 Summer Collection

Following up the release of the BTS video, Society Original Products drop some stills highlighting their Summer collection. As an ode to the Summer tennis season, Society took to the courts to serve up their latest batch of bold prints, which features traditional patterns remixed in new and fresh ways.

Check out the below shots and shop the line: http://shop.societysop.com/


Situated within Orange Circle you will find A La Minute, a shop specializing in hand crafted organic liquid nitrogen ice cream.  When you set foot inside it is your typical hipster artisan spot, but once you get towards the register, the open kitchen reveals the laboratory.  Stacks of cold smoke lift from the table as the staff mixes together their unique concoctions, one of them being beet and goat cheese.

While at dinner down the street the waiter had raved about this flavor.  The rest of my family went with the usual, salted caramel, espresso chip, etc.  That seemed boring so I gave the beet and goat cheese a try and it was surprisingly good.  Now you have to appreciate beets because if you don't, well you know the answer to that.  The beets brought a sweetness that cut through the richness of the goat cheese and in the end brought out a solid flavor.  It is a little steep, but you are paying for the experience and the high quality ingredients.

A La Minute 117 
N. Glassell Street
Orange, CA 92866

June 26, 2014

CLIP: Society Original Products Tennis Co-Horts Summer 14'

The homies over at Society Original Products sent over a BTS clip from their 2014 Summer Collection Look Book shoot.  There are some solid full pattern kits planned out for the season.

Society Original Products Tennis Co-Horts Summer 14' BTS from Society Original Products on Vimeo.

June 22, 2014


It was sweet to grab some good ramen after my trip and to share this place with my buddy Brian. Gomen is a little gem in Cypress that serves up legit japanese ramen.  Brian opted for the extra spicy chasu meats lover ramen.  Not pictured is the intense sweats Brian got as he put his bowl away.

I usually go with the meats lover as well, but I tried the tonkotsu ramen which was equally delicious.


Got my pair of Greats Brand Babs at my door step when I got back from Cabo.  For the price and the fact that it is a limited run, the shoe is pretty solid.  It wears very similar to the Nike Roshe and the mesh upper is pretty nice in the heat.  Lets not get carried away and think it is up to the quality of Nike.  $59 gets you what $59 gets you, but in the end it is a pretty well styled and comfortable shoe.

June 21, 2014

CABO - "Treat Yo Self"

Finally got to step away from the office and take a trip. Destination...Cabo. My friends made it Cabo "Treat Yo Self" 2014 inspired by the following amazing scene from Parks & Recs.

...and we had the cupcakes to match.

We settled on the all inclusive Riu Palace resort.  We actually got upgraded to the Palace and it was awesome.  Why we never did an all inclusive is besides me because nothing is easier than waking up and eating at the buffet and having tropical drinks served to you all day.

Dont worry about keeping the bender going, booze is readily available in every room.

The views from the pools were solid and the service even better.  The Riu Palace is well worth the extra money over the Riu Sante Fe which neighbors the Palace.

June 13, 2014


Had a quick stint in Chicago for a conference.  After a pain in the ass time to get into the city which involved a plane in front of us landing and hitting a bird, forcing us to circle to a new runaway, and then having the carcass cleared, which forced us to circle again to land on the original runway...it didn't stop there.  We taxied for about 30 mins, almost crashed when it felt like our pilot was trying to drift the plane on the rainy wet tarmac and then having to wait for another plane to clear our gate.  Fucking O'hare, the worst damn airport in the US.  I will try to avoid this shit hole next time.

June gloom was in full effect in Chicago, but I did find some time to hit up my favorite spots.

My favorite pizza joint in town, Lou Malnati's.  Had to go with the classic.

...and Garrett's Popcorn is a staple.